The President of the General Assembly and his Deputy moderate the debate in the GA and ensure it follows the agenda. They also assist the committee Chairs in their work both previous to and during the conference. 

From left to right: Marvin HORStmann & Laura Faghihi

The President of the General Assembly — Laura Faghihi

Dear future participants,

my name is Laura Faghihi and and during ELMUN 2017 Marvin and I will be presiding the General Assembly. This is my fourth time participating after being the delegate of Liberia in the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee in grade 9, chairing the Human Rights Council in grade 10 and being the Deputy President of the GA during the last session. In addition to ELMUN, I have participated in other MUNs such as SPUN and THIMUN and other political simulations like the MEP.

For the upcoming conference I am looking forward to seeing everyone of you coming together as delegates of the United Nations to work on the problems that the world is currently facing.

I hope to see you all soon!


The Deputy President of the General Assembly — Marvin Horstmann

Honorable Delegates,

I am Marvin Horstmann, 16 years old, and will assist your President of the General Assembly Laura Faghihi during the conference 2017 as her Deputy. ELMUN was my first MUN conference back in 2014 where I represented Russia in the Disarmament and International Security Committee. In 2015 I had the honor to be Ambassador of the United Kingdom in the Security Council that I chaired the year after, in 2016.

Besides ELMUN I have also participated in other MUN conferences and political simulations such as SPUN, THIMUN and MEP.

Laura and me will assist the chair team previous to the conference, guide you through the General Assembly’s sessions and be open for any questions that may come up to make this event as memorable as possible!

I look forward to seeing you soon,