The President of the General Assembly and her Deputy moderate the debate in the GA and ensure it follows the agenda. They also assist the committee Chairs in their work both previous to and during the conference. 

From left to right: Janko grootes & melisa yangin

The President of the General Assembly — Melisa Yangin

Honourable Delegates,

My name is Melisa Yangin and I am in grade 12 at the Hermann-Böse-Gymnasium in Bremen. During the 10th ELMUN conference I am honoured to preside the General Assembly.

By taking part in ELMUN for the first time in year 2016, which was as well my first MUN conference ever, I did not only gather a lot of debating experiences, English skills and much knowledge, but found my passion and interest in politics.

In addition to ELMUN, I have participated in other MUN’s such as THIMUN and other political simulations like the MEP.

I would love seeing all of you being a part of ELMUN 2019 and working together on making the world a better place!


The Deputy President of the General Assembly — Janko Grootes

Dear future participants,

My name is Janko Grootes and I am attending the 11th grade, being my second year at the Hermann-Böse Gymnasium in Bremen. I am honored to assist the President of the General Assembly, Melisa Yangin, at the next ELMUN conference.

I first participated in ELMUN in 2018 as a delegate in the Historic Security Council. This instantly led to deep interest and passion for political simulations, which I was able to further strengthen in several MEP sessions.

I hope for remarkable experiences and fruitful debates. Vincent van Gogh once said: “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.“ May this be our aim for the upcoming ELMUN conference.

Hope to see you soon,