The Secretary General’s main duty is to organize the conference in cooperation with the President of the General Assembly, the Conference Manager and the MUN-Director. He furthermore opens and closes the conference.

 From left to right: Lavinia Assmann & Maria morschheuser

From left to right: Lavinia Assmann & Maria morschheuser

The Secretary General — Lavinia Assmann

Honourable future Delegates,

My name is Lavinia Assmann, I am 16 years old and live in Bremen. I have been a student of the Hermann-Böse Gymnasium since fifth grade and just now I am in the 11th grade.

As I have an interest in politics, I took part in the ELMUN conference in May 2015 as a delegate of the Disarmament and International Security Committee. Last year I chaired the Human Rights Council and now I am honoured that I am a part of ELMUN again, which really feels amazing.  

I hope that you will visit us this year so that we can show you what the famous “MUN-feeling“ means!

See you soon,

Sincerely Lavinia

The Deputy Secretary General — Maria Morschheuser

Dear future participants,

My name is Maria Morschheuser and I am currently visiting the Hermann-Böse-Gymnasium in Bremen in grade 11. During ELMUN 2018, I will assist Lavinia Assmann, your Secretary General, as the deputy Secretary General.

My first time participating at ELMUN was in 2017 in the Human Rights Council. But even before that, I was able to develop my interest and passion for political simulations by having participated at numerous of them so far. Next to ELMUN, they include Model United Nations such as SPUN and THIMUN. Furthermore, I have participated at the MEP.

For the upcoming conference I am looking forward to seeing you all! Coming together as students simulating delegates of the United Nations and working on the problems, not only the UN but the world is currently facing, is something truly amazing.

Hope to see you soon!