The Secretary General’s main duty is to organize the conference in cooperation with the President of the General Assembly, the Conference Manager and the MUN-Director. He furthermore opens and closes the conference.

From left to right: Lavinia Assmann & DEbbie Tabiri

From left to right: Lavinia Assmann & DEbbie Tabiri

The Secretary General — Debbie Tabiri

Honourable future Delegates,

My name is Debbie Tabiri, I am 18 years old. At this year’s conference I will be the Secretary General.

I am in year 12 at the Hermann-Böse Gymnasium and I am looking forward to graduate in 2017. I already participated in different Model European Parliament sessions in school and on a national level as well as in different MUNs as a delegate, Chair or as member of the General Secretariat.

My first ELMUN conference was in 2014 when I participated in a political simulation for the first time as a Delegate. After that, I chaired the Economic and Financial Committee and after being Deputy Secretary General last year I can proudly say that I am again part of ELMUN. I really enjoyed every ELMUN Conference so far and I hope that together with this year’s General Secretariat we are able to let you enjoy ELMUN 2017. Hope to see you soon.

Debbie Tabiri

The Deputy Secretary General — Lavinia Assmann

Honourable future Delegates,

My name is Lavinia Assmann, I am 16 years old and live in Bremen. I have been a student of the Hermann-Böse Gymnasium since fifth grade and just now I am in the 11th grade.

As I have an interest in politics, I took part in the ELMUN conference in May 2015 as a delegate of the Disarmament and International Security Committee. Last year I chaired the Human Rights Council and now I am honoured that I am a part of ELMUN again, which really feels amazing.  

I hope that you will visit us this year so that we can show you what the famous “MUN-feeling“ means!

See you soon,

Sincerely Lavinia