The Secretary General’s main duty is to organize the conference in cooperation with the President of the General Assembly, the Conference Manager and the MUN-Director. She presents the highest reacheable student authority and furthermore opens and closes the conference.

From left to right: MARIA Morschheuser & Emma lehbib

From left to right: MARIA Morschheuser & Emma lehbib

The Secretary General — Maria Morschheuser

Dear future participants,

My name is Maria Morschheuser and I am currently visiting the Hermann-Böse-Gymnasium in Bremen in grade 12. During ELMUN 2019, I am honored to take on the position as its Secretary General.

My first time participating at ELMUN was in 2017 in the Human Rights Council, which was a great pleasure. Even before that, my interest for politics had already been sparked by having participated at other conferences prior to ELMUN. My passion for political simulations has only continued to grow so that I have engaged in numerous of them until this present day. Next to ELMUN, they include Model United Nations such as SPUN and THIMUN and other simulations of the European Parliament, called the MEP.

For the upcoming conference I am looking forward to seeing you all! Coming together as students simulating delegates of the United Nations and working on the problems, not only the UN but the world is currently facing, is something truly amazing.

Hope to see you soon!


The Deputy Secretary General — Emma Lehbib

Dear future delegates,

My name is Emma Lehbib and I am 16 years old. I attend the Hermann-Böse-Gymnasium in Bremen and I’m in grade 11. As the Deputy of Maria I am assisting her both previous to and during the conference of ELMUN 2019.

During my school career I have participated in several political simulations such as the MEP, SPUN, THIMUN and of course ELMUN, which sparked my passion for these simulations. So it is the greatest honor to enable you a great experience at the upcoming conference in 2019 together with the Secretary General.

I hope to see many of you as young diplomats ambitious to solve issues the world is currently facing, develop debating skills, gain new knowledge and have an unforgettable time!