The question of ensuring the human rights within the Israel-Gaza conflict

After the election for seats within the Palestinian Authority parliament took place in 2006 in Gaza, Israel and the US were refusing to accept that the Palestinians won the majority of seats and therefore had the responsibility to form a unity government together with the islamic-palestinian terror organisation “Hamas” and “Fatah”, a palestinian political party.

As the result, Hamas became the only driving force controlling Gaza and capturing the People living in the city. Israeli bombs and missiles periodically strike the encapsulated area, causing high casualties among both militants and innocent women and children. Moreover Israel has occupied and colonized the Palestinian West Bank, which is approximately one-fourth (28.5%) the size of the nation of Israel as recognized by the international community. These actions taken by the Hamas are described as a human rights tragedy among the Palestinian population and there is a severe violation of human rights within Gaza.

Even though the stranglehold on Gaza has been discussed at a peace conference in November 2007, the
situation is wished to be improved and condemned by the leading nations, including the United States.