The question of preventing arms trade with terrorist groups.

On August 2nd, 2017, the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution on preventing terrorists from acquiring weapons. Although the resolution was signed by all 15 member states present at the time, it has been difficult to stop terrorists from acquiring weapons.

In addition, arms markets can be extremely lucrative, thus perhaps providing an incentive for countries to stray from official legislation condemning the extension of trade via illicit means. Furthermore, the network of arms traders extends far beyond the legal scope, and black market organizations are becoming increasingly hard to track since the advent of the internet.

The majority of weapons trafficked by terrorist groups is usually either purchased from the internet, the Dark Net or the black market or are stolen from military stockpiles. Due to a lack of comprehensive registries, systematic markings and a rising of unlicensed manufacturing of weapons, tracing weapons back to their origin is close to impossible.

In order to solve this issue, better cooperation between border agencies and the government will be required as well to prevent arms from crossing borders between conflict zones. It is therefore crucial to find solutions to combat this problem.