The Conference Manager is responsible to ensure the successful communication in order to achieve a smooth co-operation in the preparation process. During the conference they will be part of the approval panel and support the committee’s work in every possible way.

Sebastian Bitsch

Sebastian Bitsch

The Conference Manager — Sebastian Bitsch

Dear delegates,

This will be the final introduction to the position of the Conference Manager at ELMUN, since there will be no succession of that role whatsoever. 

I am Sebastian Bitsch and I have wandered the earth for 18 years now. I will have my final experience at ELMUN 2017 as Conference Manager. The upcoming conference will be my fourth and last encounter with ELMUN. I started in 2014 as a Delegate, prolonged as a Chair in 2015 and survived as the Deputy Conference Manager in 2016, just to end up here. Of course ELMUN is not the only political simulation relish in my life, but definitely the one I am most connected to, others would be THIMUN, Model European Parliament. Concerning my school life, I have attended the Hermann-Böse-Gymnasium since year 5 and will complete my Abitur with the arriving ELMUN.

In order not to overextend my personal introduction I will just sum up the things that are probably most salient about me and ELMUN. For me it is my affectionate passion for creating, enhancing or in some cases even try to solve things I care about, like the upcoming unforgettable conference for all you wonderful people or the current and ongoing events that cause so much anguish and turmoil in the world.

In the end, the only thing that predominantly matters about ELMUN is, that you enjoy yourself, meanwhile and afterwards, not only due to the great new connections to other people you will make, but also through your personal development you will undergo and benefit from ELMUN. What I really wish everyone is that you do not leave the conference empty-handed, that you take a part of the ELMUN spirit and with you keep it dear; even if you will not return to ELMUN

Best and most passionate Regards                     
Sebastian Bitsch