The question of dismantling the dispute of territorial claims between china and the adjacent countries of the South China Sea in such a manner that a further escalation of the conflict can be prevented.

In the recent decades China’s military and economic power has risen significantly. It has undergone several reforms to industrialise and open its markets. The demand for resources is enormous. Therefore, access to trade routes and the control over the sea became one of the most important objectives of China’s political agenda.

Furthermore there are tense relationships between China and its neighbours because of the South China Sea. The sea bottom harbours a lot of oil resources. Also, the sea is of great importance for strategic trade routes and for the fishing industry. While China started projects that seek to modernise its navy, constructed a lot of military bases in the Sea and established a no-fly-zone, the current superpower USA tries to contain the spread of China’s influence by patrolling the area with its fleet.

The decision of the International Court of Justice, stating that the area belongs to the other nations according to international law, has been ignored by China claiming that the territory has historically belonged to China. A further escalation of this conflict needs to be prevented.