The question of preserving the Human Rights in reference to providing sanctuary to the indigenous Rohingyas in Myanmar

The Rohingya people are Muslim Indo-Aryan peoples from the Rakhine State, Myanmar. UNHRC has been helping the return of Rohingya from Bangladesh since 2005, but reports of violations of human rights in the refugee camps threaten these efforts. The Rohingyas are politically persecuted by the government of Myanmar and are considered as „Illegal citizens“ in Myanmar, including other neighbor countries. They currently suffer from manipulation of citizenship, birth certificates, torture, murder, rape and illegal arrests. Since they are not permitted to leave the country, they are exposed to these dreadful circumstances. Most of the Rohingyas try to cross the border to Bangladesh, but the government does not view the Rohingya as refugees and its official policy is to not allow them in. About 1-2 million people are being victimized and have no opportunity of leaving the violence they experience every day behind. On October 9, the peak of violence was reached when the military lockdown was practiced as the policemen of Myanmar actively attacked and burned the properties of the minority. Even the humanitarian aid was denied access to the villages of the Rohingyas which led to starvation and the lack of medical aid in the region.